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That's a great letter. I distinctly remember my folks Harvest Gold kitchen. Think how embarrassed we will be when white, black, and stainless steel go out of style.


oh to have only been blessed with harvest gold! we were accursed with the turqouise/green that really did not belong in a kitchen!


I have a Harvest Gold electric stove in my rental home in perfect condition if anyone wants it! I am going to buy a white one. I live near Jackson California.


There is a reason appliances are often called "white goods" in the trade, because it is the only color which will never become outdated. Remember: today's stainless steel will be tomorrow's Avacado, Harvest Gold, or Salmon Pink!


I myself am curious...I remember the "harvest gold" and the "avacado green"....but what were the official names of the orange and brown?


I agree! I came upon your website as I was trying to remember what the official name was of the orange/rust color and the brown version of these appliances. 'Brick' comes to mind for the orange/rust version - but I doubt myself.

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